New Book: Maximizing Music Xray

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who want to EARN $$,
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Avoid the common mistakes that kill many presentations - right off the bat.

You will learn quickly, what you may never learn using the old traditional "Hey! check out my song on blah, blah, blah..." methods.

Learn why your presentation of LYRICS is vital!

Get a feel for your competition. What are they writing? Where are you in the pipeline? Are you on your A-game?

Discover international needs and uses for your music that you might never find outside Music Xray.

Learn the buyer's specific wants, custom tailor a new song, and get it to his ears immediately. You can do this with Music Xray.

Experience gets you Selected. Rejection gets you experience. This book tightens the loop.

Music Xray's marketplace is very fertile... You just need to know what to plant. Maximizing Music Xray shows you.

Learn how to do it right with Maximizing Music Xray.

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What music industry pros say...

About Music Xray, and how this book helps you REALLY USE it to the MAX. >>


Watch. Music Pro's tell you why they use Music Xray. (...And these guys compete with each other to get the best new stuff off the top of the stack!)

Norman Dolph What I learned from STUDYING and USING Music Xray.

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This is not a book about how to write a song. It's about how to USE Music Xray ("MXR"). It shows Writers and Artists how to improve their odds of a sale on MXR.

First: Your song must not suck. If it does, you waste your money. MXR can't finesse a lame effort onto the market. Refine. Rewrite. Fix. Or scrap it and write a better one.

Strange as it seems - MXR profits most when you DON'T submit weak songs. Why? If you carpet bomb, it's unlikely you'll place your song. You get discouraged, blame the conduit, and quit. MXR loses a customer. Better you fire a FEW, well aimed, well timed, well polished bullets. "Maximizing Music Xray" shows you how.

Luckily, there are plenty of coaches - Some songs need only a polish, others an overhaul, and yet others, a gentle suggestion that the effort is better spent elsewhere.

MXR is not perfect, but it's stable and evolving all the time. Ideally it should become "the AirBnB of the music business". Buyer and seller meet ... when requirements match desires, ... the deal is done.

"Maximizing Music Xray" brings you quickly up to speed! Amazon has it NOW.


FAQ New to Music Xray?
Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. >>

Music Xray is a platform where artists can submit their music directly to Industry Professionals. When you submit to an opportunity, your track goes directly to the decision makers: no middle-men, no pre-screeners, just a direct link between artist and Industry Professional. Interested in creating an account? Continue reading below for instructions:

1. Transparency. You will see real opportunities, posted by real users-of-music, (Music Indurstry Professionals 'MIPS') who want songs and artists for specific requirements. You will know who and what the deal is before you submit.

2. The MIP has 45 days to listen, evaluate the fit of your song to his requirements, and get back to you.

If the MIP finds what he is looking for early on in the listing window, he can close out the opportunity. If this happens or for any other reason, if you don't get your hearing and response in 45 days, ALL YOUR FEES FOR SUBMITTING THE SONG ARE RETURNED.

Your SONG must make the sale, but the Submission fee buys you the "EARS".

NEVER. You are free to negotiate any and all terms with the music user. And whatever deal you make, your income is yours exclusively. Music Xray is neither your partner nor your agent.

Generally the MIP and the Writer are EQUALLY DELIGHTED to have found each other... and likewise delighted with Music Xray for providing the pipeline.

This international pipeline is particularly important now that music composition, performance, and use is totally global.

(This book: Maximizing Music Xray DOES offer some tips on negotiation... you might keep that in mind.)

No. Never. With Music Xray - you are not a MEMBER of anything... There is no periodic charge of any kind.

You are investing in your SONG.

Buyers/Users of music post opportunities, you pay a modest fee to submit to them. Also, your song, its lyrics and its performance is added to a large SEARCHABLE DATABASE used by Music Industry Professionals in a hurry for something specific. The fee is not $ZERO but it is MODEST and arguably the cheapest, most direct way if getting it heard, short of trapping the buyer in an elevator and playing your song on a boombox.

For more about the reasoning behind Music Xray's fee structure Click Here.

In 2014, 5700 songs connected with an opportunity...

And MUSIC XRAY is growing, currently MIPs are finding songs that match their requirements at a rate of 500 to 700 Selections a month.

Here's the doorway to Music Xray.


MAXIMIZING MUSIC XRAY is the guidebook for writers who want to get the best, quickest results at the lowest cost.